“In a single year we reduced the amount of data sent to outside counsel for review by 30% significantly lowering eDiscovery costs without sacrificing defensibility.”

-Fortune 100 Corporation, Transportation Industry, Midwest USA

Best-in-Class Processing

Ipro’s ability to process over 500 file types into review-ready formats, along with multiple options for data ingestion, gives you the power to meet litigation deadlines quickly and accurately, while eliminating outside expenses.

Predictable Pricing

Predictable pricing isn’t anything new, we’ve always done it that way. Competitive, simple to understand, and transparent. Ipro’s pricing models give you the ability to move from being a cost center within your organization, to enabling business growth.

Advanced ECA/Analytics

Ipro’s AI, Advanced Analytics, and Data Visualization tools give you early insight into the nearly limitless range of enterprise data by highlighting relevant facts and communication patterns impossible to find through traditional search.

Flexible Deployment

Ipro can meet the needs of your organization with customizable deployments. Whether it is the Ipro Cloud, On-Prem, Desktop, or Hybrid options (including 3rd party clouds), you maintain control over your data, without being locked into a single approach.

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eCapture has helped us save our clients an extensive amount of review time

With the constant demand from our clients to provide a way for them to review native files in a normalized image type format, we knew we had to bring in sophisticated software that would allow us to automate this process for us. eCapture not only converts hundreds of file types, but it also allows us to cull data using keyword and date filtering and does so in a very hands off manner. Once the specs are set, the processing can run in the background allowing our users to maximize their productivity. In one instance, we were given a data set of about 45GB that our client needed to review and produce within a few days. Normally, this could have taken weeks, but with eCapture, we were able to de-duplicate the emails and filter the remaining data using key terms and date filters to whittle the reviewable data down to 3.5GB, and they were able to meet their deadline. This is just one of the many examples in which eCapture has helped us save our clients an extensive amount of review time, which in turn, has allowed us to save them and their clients money. -Anthony Z. Imagine Reporting

With Ipro’s streaming technology, we had people reviewing in 2 ½ days.

We were an early adopter of Ipro’s software. Shortly after, we received an unexpected call from a client needing to meet. We left with a deadline of yesterday, we had 2TBs of critical data where the timeline to production was 6 weeks. We acquired another server that Ipro helped spec and recommend as much-needed additional horsepower. Processing, including exception handling, was complete in less than 3 weeks. There were no hitches and no outages.  It was seamless and almost magical. We later learned a competitor had been given all of the email data – an amount similar to our loose file data. The other guys got their data weeks before us.  We were done with processing before those guys even made their first delivery.  The client said, “Next time we’ll use you for both. -Steve H. C-TEQ

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